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Quickly Customize OSX Terminal Style and Functionality

Style - how it looks

Add the real world tested Solarized (dark/light) Terminal profiles:

  • After cloning the repo, just open the profile files, which will add them to your preferences
  • You can set them as the default profiles on your preferences
  • To enable the terminal colors, add the line export CLICOLOR=1 to your .bash_profile

Function - what it does

Grab the .bash_profile here:, which is heavily based on Nathaniel Landau’s profile

  • In OSX, .bash_profile is executed everytime you open a new Terminal window, and it lives in your user’s home directory, i.e. ~/.bash_profile
  • If it does not exist, just touch ~/.bash_profile to create it
  • If you do not want to clutter your .bash_profile, you can create a file like ~/scripts/utilities.bash with the portions you find useful and then add this line to your .bash_profile: source ~/scripts/utilities.bash

Hopefully now your Terminal is even more inviting :)